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6 Hot products that will be gone before the holidays

1. Eight Dream Cloud Bed

Uniquely designed raised edge for maximum comfort

Pets love the Eight Dream Cloud Bed because the raised edge is soft and "hugs" them! This design can help calm more anxious dogs, and is extra comforting for senior dogs that enjoy more support.

Easy to clean

Owners love the Eight Dream Cloud bed because it is easy to clean - just throw it in the washing machine! Wash with gentle detergent on a warm cycle, and retrieve a fresh and fluffy bed ready for use! 


 Looks great in any home 

Choose a color that fits your home's aesthetic. Muted tones blend with any decor theme, and compliment the room! You will love this bed as much as your dog does!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a Cloud Bed in stores?

Cloud Beds are only available online.

Are Cloud Beds for dogs only?

No, cats love them too!

Is it easy to clean?

Yes, just put it in the washing machine

How many should I buy?
Most customers buy 2-3 to start - one for the living room, and the other in another room.

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2. Eight Dream Dancing flame solar lamp


Love the look and atmosphere created by Tiki torches? Then you're going to love the realistic flames created by these Dancing Flame Solar torches.  A safe and more convenient alternative, these torches light up the night with a realistic flickering flame guaranteed to enhance any backyard party.

Beautifully styled, the black torch with its intricate cutout design makes a stunning accent to your home. We suggest at least 4 torches for a small backyard area.

Easy to install and automatically turns on

No wires, the eco-friendly torches are solar powered and will last up to 10 hours. When the sun goes down the lights automatically begin to dance! 

Safe - compared to regular torches that are a risk to nearby flammable objects and children, solar torches are a safe but beautiful alternative.

Fully waterproof


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3. Eight Dream Glowing Pebbles

Be the first in your neighborhood to spice up your yard, patio, or terrace with accent lighting from these radiant pebbles.

The possibilities are endless. You'll be surprised how easily these pebbles create absolutely stunning effects in and outside your home, and it doesn't stop there....these trendy beauties even work in water!

Outdoor paths

Potted plants

Fish tanks

...and more!

Fully solar powered
No wires, no batteries, these stones absorb light during the day from sunlight (or any light source) and then emit a beautiful tinted glow every evening.

Just imagine where you can add a cool lighting effect. How about indoors in your potted plants for a romantic glow every evening? Ideal outdoors for stunning waterscapes, pools, flower beds, pathways, and even accenting your front porch or terrace. Surprise your neighbors and change up your designs, your yard will finally be the envy of the neighborhood.

Recommended Usage guide:

  • Line a walkway: 2-3 packs for every 3 feet of walkway if you're lighting both sides.
  • Potted plants: 2 packs per 15" pot.
  • Solid glow to an area: 4 packs will cover 3 square foot.
  • Outdoor Accent lighting: 1-2 packs for each small highlighted area. 

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    4. Eight Dream Maple Book Lamp

    On track with today's trend of decorative lighting, the maple book lamp is a combination of old meets new with it's wood book profile and it's  LED technology and cordless style.

    This light adds character and ambiance to any room; elegant warm lighting beautifully concealed as a gorgeous hard cover novel. 

    Foldable and flexible design

    You control the amount and direction of the light. Open it to a full 360 degree circle or just open it partially. The realistic tear resistant pages flood with light as soon as you open the book and turn off automatically when closed. 

    Portable and versatile, fold it up and move it around, The maple book lamp creates a warm atmosphere anywhere in your home or office, It's a stunning accent on any shelf, or a calming evening light in any living or bedroom. One charge will last approximately 8 hours.

    Use it as a functional light and to beautify any room

     Kids love the Maple Book Lamp


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    5. Eight Dream Cuddle-Buddy Elephant

     Made from 100%  plush cotton, Cuddle-Buddy is perfectly stuffed for snuggling and carrying. 

    This cozy elephant quickly becomes a little one's best friend and snuggle pillow on the road or at home. 

    The cozy reassurance of a huggable friend at night is an important comfort for little ones, and Cuddle-Buddy is a great solution. 

    And.... he's even WASHABLE!

    Beautifully crafted this adorable elephant comes in 5 shades,  and makes a cute and cozy addition to the nursery or bedroom for kids of all ages or kids at heart.


    We probably don't have to tell you that this also makes an adorable photo prop. Little ones LOVE to hold this cushy pillow.

    Thoughtful Gift Idea for

    • Baby shower
    • Hospital visit
    • Birthdays-The perfect pillow for any kid at heart
    • Holidays 

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    6. Eight Dream Privacy Protector iPhone Case

    Double sided glass case has a front tempered glass screen that actually prevents side views on your phone! 


    No more worrying about what the person next to you can view with this innovative "Anti-Peek" screen. 

    State of the art touch screen

    The Privacy Protector lets you use the entire phone face; is sensitive enough for a bare finger experience when texting and playing games, yet strong enough to protect from scratches and water.

    Metal frame for maximum protection

    The sturdy metal frame acts like armor around your phone, no more worries about dropping your phone.

    A strong magnetic closure keeps your phone tightly closed, and talk about convenient, you can now open your phone from either angle.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Should I use an additional screen protector over the glass?
    No, there is no need for a screen protector.

    2. Does the magnetic case stay closed?
    Yes, unlike other phone cases our magnetic closure is strong yet convenient to open from both ends. 

    3. Do I need to remove the case to use my phone?
    No, the microphone and touch capabilities are fully usable when case is closed.

    4. Do I need to remove the case to charge my phone?
    No, wireless charging and/or USB cables are fully supported.

    5. Can I take photos with the case closed?
    Yes, the case does not cover up the camera lens.

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