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Eight Dream Personal Heater
Eight Dream Personal Heater
Eight Dream Personal Heater
Eight Dream Personal Heater

Eight Dream Personal Heater

Price: $79

Holiday Sale: $39 (50% off) & FREE Shipping

Customer satisfaction 100% guaranteed

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Only available online

Stop paying crazy electric heating bills

The Eight Dream Personal Heater is a quick and easy way to stay warm and comfortable. It plugs right into any outlet and runs for pennies a day.

Set your desired temperature, set the length of time you'd like it to run and that's it, you have instant heat. 

  • Small and compact
  • Great for travel, turn any cold area into your cozy retreat.
  • Perfect for visiting relatives and taking on vacations.
  • Keep one at the office for chilly days. 

Safety features

  • Programmable digital thermostat
  • Protection from overheating with an automatic shut off
  • Stay cool protective housing

    Additional features

    • Fast immediate heat as soon as you turn it on
    • Variable speed fan
    • 180 Degree rotation for direction of heat flow and outlet convenience
    • Digital read thermostat with timer
    • Fully adjustable heat by as little as 1 degree


    How many do I need for my home?

    Most customers purchase at least 5 to get the $50 discount using code HEATER5

    Each heater can warm 225 sq. feet of space. That's a 15 x 15 area.


    One heater is perfect for mid size bedrooms, bathrooms and office cubicles.
    Larger areas or areas where you need a lot of heat can use 2-3 heaters depending on desired temperature. The best part is that they cost just pennies a day to run.

    What is the temperature range of the heater?

    The heater can be set to any temperature from 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Does the heater have a thermostat?
    Yes, simply set to your desired temperature and the heater will turn off and on automatically to maintain the temperature.

    Is this safe?
    Yes, the Eight Dream Personal Heater has a protective housing that covers a safe, ceramic heating element and turns off automatically once the set temperature is reached. 

    Do you offer a guarantee?

    We have a 30 day return policy, so if for any reason you don't like your Eight Dream Personal Heater, we will give you a full refund!